Do-Ho Suh’s Moving Installations

Nicole Belopotosky

Artist Do-Ho Suh’s powerful installations explore the identity of the individual and strength in numbers. Born in Seoul, Korea Suh moved to the United States to attend Yale University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Whether addressing the dynamic of personal space versus public space, or exploring the fine line between strength in numbers and homogeneity, Suh’s sculptures continually question the identity of the individual in today’s global society. To see more of Do-Ho Suh’s breathtaking installations, please visit the Lehmann Maupin: here.

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(all images via Mathias Nösel)

I’m trippin’ for some dope fonts, Yo! Just kidding, but I’m not kidding. My friend Jules went on a font hunting binge while working on a logo, and I caught the fever and found this beauty. This font was created by a very cool kid, whose work I only know and love via the wonderful internet. His name is Mathias Nosel and he is super cool. He does some cool things and I generally just check them all out via his Behance Profile. What is BEHANCE?  It’s a social platform  for cool designers of all kinds. And it’s got tons and tons of great design to oogle at and job opportunities. CHECK IT OUT! Also I promised this font for free right? Yea, Mathias gives the download for free! So Click HERE to get it and watch the cool video too!


{Saturday Smiles} McSweeney’s I’m Comic Sans, Asshole

I’m on a cool-things-online-that-make-me-smile binge, and I’m cataloging them here. So, this is basically a design joke, I think? Or is everyone on the same page of hating Comic Sans. Anyways the Monologue is right below and it’s from the online McSweeney’s site. McSweeney’s is this really amazing Publishing company in SF. Check them out! their Quarterly is oh-so-good!

Videos to Provoke: Agent Provocateur and Marry the Night

Two beautiful videos I’ve been watching and showing others all Night and Day!

One to surprise the other to delight. The first is a campaign video for Agent Provocateur and the second is no other than the infamous Lady Gaga’s new music video for Marry the Night. They are both beautiful and strange.

Warning: May startle you and contains nudity



<3, MAR


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Complacency Kills Us All

Complacency Kills is a picture packed mainly visual fashion/style blog by Lindsey. Out of the many fashion blogs poppin around why do I bother to read? Well, her style is relatable for me. I’m feeling it. I mean the image above, channeling the 90’s. Last night I compiled a circa 1997-ish playlist. Listening to some Kci & Jojo and other oldies but goodies like ” The Boy is Mine”. I scrolled through her archives again….

(all photos via ComplacencyKillsUsAll)

She’s also inspiring. C.K.U.A. has grown  and developed  so quickly and she’s constantly posting, something I need to work on. (but hey people I post often on my INSPIRATION tumblr, there a link up near the menu! Click it!) She is her own entity. And she uses a lot of pictures.  The story behind the name of the blog, “Fashion and life should be anything but complacent.  It has kind of become a slogan for me to stay competitive, forward-thinking and forever open-minded when it comes to personal style and living life.” and more. Note:  I also won her first giveaway the bag featured above. So Thanks a bunch Linds. And keep on Bloggin’


Happy Thanksgiving All!

That’s just a funny Badge I made as a quick weird little Thanksgiving project. But don’t you feel like you deserve an award for the monstrous amount of food you are about to consume today? I feel like its National Eating Contest today. Especially me, I have two Thanksgivings to go to. Don’t worry I bought some super cute elastic band pants.

And in lieu of Thanksgiving, just wanted to say that I am thankful for this awesome SMOKE SIGNALS post by Lauren, from HONESTLYWTF , an awesome+very popular blog filled with very cool hunting, great DIYs, inspiring art features and great travel posts. The colorific  photography and film is from the awesome duo of New York-based Floto + Warner, Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner. They create a mystical  and magical moment in these colorfully smoke filled abandoned buildings, and my fav WALLS and Nevada desert for their latest photo series. I’ve gotta agree when Lauren writes, “The video is especially mesmerizing, with colorful smoke moving along to Bon Iver’s moody Holocene.” CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE!

(via Trendland)

More Bergdorf Holiday 2011 Windows!

Full window pictures of the completed Bergdorf Windows in NYC, an update to my last post on the Bergdorf Windows, for everyone to enjoy and some behind the scenes videos! Appropriately named the The Carnival of The Animals, the windows house a grand menagerie brought to life in a range of beautiful materials-  brass, wood, mosaic, fringe, paper.

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2011

Tout l'or du monde

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday 2011 windows

Wooden Menagerie

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Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2011

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2011

It’s a little crazy how it’s Holiday season already. Christmas lights and trees for sale. & Holiday Windows! Window Displays are taken for granted. That’s just a personal opinion. I was guilty of that until I started working on displays for Anthropologie. There’s a LOT of work that goes into that. I mean amongst all Window Displays; there are some boring ones, and some clever-but-okay-ones. And then there are some AMAZING STANDOUT ONES. Here’s to the recent unveiling of the infamous Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

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How to Fly

I love Superheros, for many reasons. But its has always been the FLYING. Flying around with their long capes fluttering behind them. With the wind in your hair. I’d always imagine that I was flying when swinging at the playground. Or on a boat with the wind and water on my face. Who hasn’t wished that they could fly?  Well, these guys (and gals) show you how they fly through a mix of highlining, baselining, base jumping, and bungee jumping. A few weeks ago, I saw this amazing trailer. And on 11-11-11 at 11am they released the film for free for a limited time. The film runs about 40 minutes. The “flights” and scenery is every bit as beautiful and breathtaking as the trailer. It’s an adrenaline rush just watching them. After watching, I ended up buying a copy for a friend. It’s amazing and you can download it here for about $7. And here are some more shots Continue reading