Wunderkammer: Brimfield Fair


synonymous with Cabinet of Curiousities.

It’s a word that came up in college during a History of Design class. And I have never forgotten it.  It describes these crazy collections that were put together during the Renaissance. Devotion is the fuel of collections. People collect things, even if they aren’t concrete. It’s slightly obsessive. But that’s what’s so compelling about seeing a collection of things. There’s a method to the madness. Collections are a collector’s story. Sometimes these groupings are hard to categorize. But there is a power to them.

These Wunderkammer are snippets from the Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles Show 2011 in Brimfield, MA. 

Brimfield Vintage and Antiques Fair

Brimfield Hand Stands Glove Molds

Brimfield Vintage Demi Johns

Brimfield Vintage Tobacco Canisters

Brimfield Collections of

Brimfield Industrial Manufacturing Leftover Sheet

Brimfield Collections Vintage Buttons

Brimfield Liquor Spigots

Brimfield Collections Porcelain Ceramic Dogs

The fair is several football fields filled with tents, around this one stretch of road. There are hundreds and hundreds of tents. It is certainly a sight to see. The Fair is held May July September, a week each. Plan your 2012 summer and go to the show more than once. I like to go to each month, in the middle of the week, (if I can ) for inspiration and also the last day. Good deals to be found on the last day!

Wunderkammer is a category and will be a theme in future posts. Although the theme resonates far beyond this little blog.  I saw a rendition of it at the Moma a few years ago; the exhibit utilized the idea of Wunderkammer in a contemporary fashion. And an insider tips me off  that Boston’s MFA has plans for a Wunderkammer exhibit of their own in a couple of years.

Being a collector of many things, abstract and physical, I think about them so much  I have to jot them all down in lists in my many notebooks.

I’m interested to hear what people collect and why. And how they display their collections…


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