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Rick Genest for Mugler Nicola Formichetti Lady Gaga

I just bumped into this video (after the jump), from, about covering Dark Eye Circles. And thus POST TIME.

I’m watching this video and  thinking, I’ve seen this guy somewhere. Wait! Wait he’s real? That guy was real? To be honest, when I first saw Lady Gaga’s Born this Way, music video, I thought this is Weird. But I liked it. I also have the collector’s Anthology edition of  Alien so I’m a good audience.  But the skeleton make-up really stood out. It was graphic. Sexy. Amazingly well done. Artistic. And little did I know Rick Genest was there. And it wasn’t all skull makeup.

There’s a great interview with Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director Mugler and stylist/fashion director of Lady Gaga, about how he came about getting Rick Genest onboard. Not just in the infamous Music Video, but also as the CoverBoy/Muse of Mugler.

“…there’s no going back. You do what you believe. You are that, you are what you’re creating.”- Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director Mugler


One thought on “Beautiful Freaks

  1. the278thword says:

    Interesting, the picture looks amazing

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