NOTE: I apologize for the amount of times I use the word “awesome” in this post.

I love Personal projects, and sure this one isn’t mine. But a  few days ago I found someone’s awesome Personal Project. It compelled me to write this post because I  truly truly LOVE it and if I had a lot of money$ I would help them much more than whatever measly pledge I can scrounge after my next paycheck. (Note: I do not know these people IRL, but their project sounds super cool!) But alas, I can only pledge so much. So I’m writing this post so that hopefully it might help to spread the word. I mean Who doesn’t what a mural by Andy?*


Andy J. Miller is this awesome graphic designer/illustrator. You may have seen his work elsewhere but havent realized it. Well he’s working on this awesome personal project surrounding his year-long daily drawing blog, Day-After-Day in NOD ( ), to the real world.  He wants toaccomplish this by taking every single character and making them into 4″x6″ 3 color screen-prints.  Since April, he has been posting a new NOD resident every weekday – so that is a total of 260 characters!

Here are a some of my favorites!

Andy J. Miller The land of Nod

Day 15 Meet… Boogin Playful and zesty, Boogin is up for a race, a game, a dance, a party, a treasure hunt or a jig of any kind. Always lookin’ for some fun and always full of energy, Boogin is usually a great chap to have around…usually.

Andy J. Miller Land of Nod

Day 39 Meet… Chobos Magical creatures, when smushed, amazing and unpredictable things happen. Don’t worry, it is the ultimate destiny of a Chobo to be smushed; it is a longing which they hold dear in their souls.

Andy J. Miller Land of Nod

Day 121 Meet… Chitty Chitty is a big brother to all the NOD dwellers, always looking out for others and always cracking silly jokes.

To help learn more, and possibly support this project , click here.

Now I found this project via KICKSTARTER. A week or two ago, I discovered KICKSTARTER. If you know about it already, AWESOME. If you don’t GET ON IT. I’m totally addicted. KICKSTARTER is “ the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Every week, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to help fund projects from of music,film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields.” People like you and me supporting creative thinkers, and makers, like you and me.

Started in 2009. I’m a little late to the game. But better late than never. I just love looking through all these really amazing project. And the cool thing about pledging $ to the projects are the little thank you gifts that you get. Not only do you support a cool project but you also get something awesome. WIN + WIN!

It’s good KARTMA! Couldn’t help myself.

* A mural by Andy J. Miller is part of a pledge gift ($3000) but there are so many cool pledge gifts starting at only $5 dollarsOne of them being a NOD character print based on your personality. So cool it hurts.

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