More Bergdorf Holiday 2011 Windows!

Full window pictures of the completed Bergdorf Windows in NYC, an update to my last post on the Bergdorf Windows, for everyone to enjoy and some behind the scenes videos! Appropriately named the The Carnival of The Animals, the windows house a grand menagerie brought to life in a range of beautiful materials-  brass, wood, mosaic, fringe, paper.

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2011

Tout l'or du monde

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday 2011 windows

Wooden Menagerie

Carnival of the Animals

Under the Sea Lounge Act

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday 2011 Windows

North Pole Garden Party

Bergdorf Goodman Windows 2011 Holiday

Carnival of the Animals

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2011

Picture Perfect

(pictures via BG

Meticulously perfect, handcrafted like a small heirloom, these oversized windows are IMAGINATION  popped into life, with the whimsy of an EyeSpy Book. They are the final product of years of planning, building, perfecting, and collecting antiques by David Hoey, Bergdorf’s director of visual presentation, and his Visual Team. Here are some Behind the scene videos from their last two holiday windows:

Behind Bergdorf’s Windows 2009

Oh, how I’d love to be a part of that dream team. Or atleast have a look around in their workroom. I’m going to NY next week. I’m going to see them in person! So excited. Are there any parts I should Photograph in particular?


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