Complacency Kills Us All

Complacency Kills is a picture packed mainly visual fashion/style blog by Lindsey. Out of the many fashion blogs poppin around why do I bother to read? Well, her style is relatable for me. I’m feeling it. I mean the image above, channeling the 90’s. Last night I compiled a circa 1997-ish playlist. Listening to some Kci & Jojo and other oldies but goodies like ” The Boy is Mine”. I scrolled through her archives again….

(all photos via ComplacencyKillsUsAll)

She’s also inspiring. C.K.U.A. has grown  and developed  so quickly and she’s constantly posting, something I need to work on. (but hey people I post often on my INSPIRATION tumblr, there a link up near the menu! Click it!) She is her own entity. And she uses a lot of pictures.  The story behind the name of the blog, “Fashion and life should be anything but complacent.  It has kind of become a slogan for me to stay competitive, forward-thinking and forever open-minded when it comes to personal style and living life.” and more. Note:  I also won her first giveaway the bag featured above. So Thanks a bunch Linds. And keep on Bloggin’


2 thoughts on “Complacency Kills Us All

  1. dapperdolly says:

    I have a snake necklace and belt just like that, they come in silver too.

  2. Jenny says:

    I LOVE C.K.U.A.!!!! I’m addicted!!! Jealous you won the bag too! Lol I really wanted it too!

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