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Happy Thanksgiving All!

That’s just a funny Badge I made as a quick weird little Thanksgiving project. But don’t you feel like you deserve an award for the monstrous amount of food you are about to consume today? I feel like its National Eating Contest today. Especially me, I have two Thanksgivings to go to. Don’t worry I bought some super cute elastic band pants.

And in lieu of Thanksgiving, just wanted to say that I am thankful for this awesome SMOKE SIGNALS post by Lauren, from HONESTLYWTF , an awesome+very popular blog filled with very cool hunting, great DIYs, inspiring art features and great travel posts. The colorific  photography and film is from the awesome duo of New York-based Floto + Warner, Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner. They create a mystical  and magical moment in these colorfully smoke filled abandoned buildings, and my fav WALLS and Nevada desert for their latest photo series. I’ve gotta agree when Lauren writes, “The video is especially mesmerizing, with colorful smoke moving along to Bon Iver’s moody Holocene.” CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE!

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More Bergdorf Holiday 2011 Windows!

Full window pictures of the completed Bergdorf Windows in NYC, an update to my last post on the Bergdorf Windows, for everyone to enjoy and some behind the scenes videos! Appropriately named the The Carnival of The Animals, the windows house a grand menagerie brought to life in a range of beautiful materials-  brass, wood, mosaic, fringe, paper.

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2011

Tout l'or du monde

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday 2011 windows

Wooden Menagerie

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Pencil Shavings Dress Madame Magazine Hattie Newman and Matthew Brodie

Shredded Tape madame magazine hattie newman and matthew brodie

These shots are from an incredibly creative editorial for Madame magazine, art directed by Hattie Newman and Matthew Brodie, and photographed by Matthew Brodie. There’s a mushroom-shape thing made out of of individually cut tabs pieced together, you cannot miss it! For more Pictures… Continue reading

CLUE: The Great Detective Game Supermarket Edition

Miss Pepperton in aisle 4 with the Shopping Cart

Miss Pepperton in aisle 4 with the Shopping Cart

Colonel Citrus at the Deli with the Price Gun

Colonel Citrus at the Deli with the Price Gun

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