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(all images via Mathias Nösel)

I’m trippin’ for some dope fonts, Yo! Just kidding, but I’m not kidding. My friend Jules went on a font hunting binge while working on a logo, and I caught the fever and found this beauty. This font was created by a very cool kid, whose work I only know and love via the wonderful internet. His name is Mathias Nosel and he is super cool. He does some cool things and I generally just check them all out via his Behance Profile. What is BEHANCE?  It’s a social platform  for cool designers of all kinds. And it’s got tons and tons of great design to oogle at and job opportunities. CHECK IT OUT! Also I promised this font for free right? Yea, Mathias gives the download for free! So Click HERE to get it and watch the cool video too!


{Saturday Smiles} McSweeney’s I’m Comic Sans, Asshole

I’m on a cool-things-online-that-make-me-smile binge, and I’m cataloging them here. So, this is basically a design joke, I think? Or is everyone on the same page of hating Comic Sans. Anyways the Monologue is right below and it’s from the online McSweeney’s site. McSweeney’s is this really amazing Publishing company in SF. Check them out! their Quarterly is oh-so-good!